We are very pleased to announce The New Farm Kitchen Winter Dinner Series, a collaboration between The New Farm, Richmond Station Restaurant and some of the most talented chefs in southern Ontario.

Chef Carl Heinrich will collaborate with top chefs, winemakers and farmers to present a series of dinners that showcase the very best local ingredients, served in the intimate setting of The New Farm Kitchen. Each dinner will be unique, and will feature produce grown just a few meters from where it is served. These will be private dining experiences — we are not selling individual tickets. The price of each dinner includes a multi-course meal, all wine and drinks, tax and gratuity, for a maximum of 24 guests.

Each dinner is $6,000 and includes a $500 donation to Community Food Centres Canada.

For more information, or to book a dinner, please visit the Richmond Station website.

Hope to see you in the kitchen this winter!

Gillian and Brent

Steak Night January 5th or 6th

Taste a variety of local, premium, dry aged steaks paired perfectly with big, local, benchmark reds after a whole animal butchery demonstration with butcher Ryan Donovan of West Side Beef.

Hyper-Local Cooking January 19th or 20th

Explore the fruits of The New Farm Chef’s Garden, from the lowly beet to giant squash to heritage fowl. This is the 100-foot diet in a seven course meal with guest chef Paula Navarret of Momofuku Daisho.

Outdoor Winter Dining February 2nd or 3rd (snowshoes required)

Take a tour through the beautiful winter landscape of the farm, stopping for decadent culinary delights along the way and finishing with a hearty, family-style feast with guest chef Matthew Simpson of Montecito.

Cooking with Fire February 16th or 17th

Forno oven, spit roaster, bbq, cowboy grill, and bonfire. Get involved smoking your favourite local meat and winter vegetables with guest chef Alexandra Feswick of The Drake.

Farm to Table March 2nd or 3rd

The ultimate farm to table experience with the ones who literally wrote the book on showcasing local food. Enjoy the bounty of Southern Ontario with chefs Lynn Crawford (Farm to Chef) and Lora Kirk of Ruby Watchco.

Baller Wine Night March 9th or 10th

Organize your designated drivers for this one. Master Sommelier Bruce Wallner teams up with Nicholas Pearce to bring in rare gems from around the world. Mingle with the best in the wine biz while Carl Heinrich provides a culinary adventure to pair.