The cool climate and sandy loam soils at the top of the Niagara escarpment are ideal for growing cool weather greens and root vegetables. At The New Farm we focus on producing the crops that grow best in our micro-climate. All our produce is harvested to order and shipped the day of harvest. Orders can be picked up on the farm or delivered through one of our distributors.

Cut SaladsCut Salads
The New Farm is famous for our premium quality salad greens. After testing hundreds of varieties and listening to years of feedback from our chefs, we have come up with what we think is the perfect combination of flavour, colour, texture and loft. We offer four different mixes, including baby leaf arugula, spicy salad greens, premium salad mix and baby leaf spinach. All our greens are triple washed and ready to serve. Available mid-May to late October.
Heirloom PotatoesHeirloom Potatoes
There are literally thousands of varieties of potato still in existence. We have spent years finding those that look and taste the best. In 2016 we are growing French Fingerlings (red skin and pink flesh), German Butterballs (white skin and flesh), All Reds (bright red skin and flesh), Russian Blues (dark purple skin and flesh) and Linzer Deleketes (white skin and yellow flesh fingerling). Available in bulk bags, small/medium or regular size. All our potatoes are hand washed and sized, and ready to cook. Available August to November.
Rainbow BeetsRainbow Beets
We grow four varieties of beet: gold, stripped, pure white and traditional purple. All our beets are uncommonly sweet and flavourful, and the colours look spectacular on the plate. Available as single colour or mixed, regular, baby or jumbo size. Our beets are only available topped and loose, not bunched or packaged for retail, and are washed and ready to cook. Available late July to November.
Japanese CucumbersJapanese Cucumbers
Our cucs are the only thing we grow indoors, in unheated high tunnels. The Japanese variety we grow is similar to the traditional English varieties, with a thin, dark green skin and no seeds, but with noticeably better flavour, sweetness and crunch. Our cucs are hydro-cooled immediately after harvest and never waxed or plastic wrapped. Available in bulk packs or individually labelled and bar-coded for retail. Available late June to late October.